Bus or Metro? The Best Way to Get from CIA Airport to Rome

View of the Swiss Alps from our flight to CIA.

Flying into CIA but don’t know how to get to Rome? Since taxis can cost upwards of 100€, you basically have two options: bus transfer or trying your hand at the Metro.

Upon exiting the airport, you’ll see the bus ports. The bus transfers will take you directly to Termini (the city’s main train station), while the Metro connection (Bus #720) will get you to Laurentina station on the B Line.

Both options have pros and cons, so lucky for you, dear reader, we tried both routes and made this handy table so you can find out which is the best option for you!


Bus Transfer Metro
Price 6€ (one-way) 11€ (round-trip) 1.50€ per ride
Time 50 min (but traffic and waiting time might extend it) 1 hour, 15 min (Metro makes stops along the way)
Comfort The buses are usually air-conditioned, have padded seats, and space to store your luggage. Since the Metro route uses normal city-buses, they are not air-conditioned and don’t have luggage space.
Connections at CIA When you exit the airport, there’s basically always a bus available. We waited maybe 10 minutes to leave. The Metro bus sticks to a set schedule. This is easy to figure out, but you might be waiting 30 minutes.
Connections in Rome The transfers drop you off at Termini (the main train station). It’s large, hard to navigate, and the trains are insanely crowded. If you’re looking for a relaxing entrance to Rome, we would suggest taking a taxi from there and reading our Metro tips! The bus from the airport (#720) connects to the B Line at Laurentina, which is not often crowded and well-connected. You’re likely to get a seat on both the train and bus.
View of Rome We were disappointed by our first view of the city from the bus window. The area surrounding Termini is covered in old graffiti. The 720 bus from the B Line (Laurentina) takes you through the Italian country-side and past wineries.
Additional Pros/Cons Those on the bus transfer staff are very tourist friendly. Taking the Metro right out of the gate sets you in the right seat in being a good intro to how it works.

Our takeaway: the bus transfer is better for beginner travelers or those with a lot of luggage. The Metro is easy and much cheaper (!), but a better option for more advanced, fearless travelers.

We hope these tips are helpful! Happy travel!