Take a Break on the Belgian Coastline

The sandy dunes along the northern coast of Belgium is easily reachable by car (30 min.), public transport (1 hour), or bike (45 min.).

Bruges is famously a city where backpackers take a pit stop on their way to London, Paris, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt. It’s easy to see why—the fairy-tale-esque historical old town is easy to digest in a day or two, so visitors often come in order to squeeze one more country into their itinerary. However, many visitors make the mistake of not taking the time to zip up north to the sandy dunes of the Belgian coastline.

We made a stop up in De Haan (see a webcam of the coast here) on our way home for lunch back in August and we think a visit is worth it! Here’s some reasons why:

Reasons Why You Should Go:

One main reason to go is the accommodation. There are plenty of hotels and resorts along the water. If you’re camping, like we did, but didn’t find room at the small Camping Memling near the city walls, you might end up in one of the northern campsites near the water anyways and will get the best of both worlds!

Some Fresh Air, Nature, and Gosh Darn Peace and Quiet
Imagine this scenario: it feels like you’re on your fourth country in forty-eight hours, you’re a mix of jet-lagged and worrying you accidentally ordered decaf that morning in broken Dutch. Wait, you think to yourself. Isn’t this supposed to be a vacation?

We’ve been there.

If you’re planning on going through Bruges on your way to your next loud, exciting European destination, the idea of some quiet time in the salty dunes could be the recharge you need. (Any other introverts out there?!). Here’s a list of eleven places along the coast where you can ward off the travel burnout.

Fresh Seafood
One things is for sure, Belgian food is expensive. Might as well spend your money on the freshest food you can get. We grabbed lunch at a bistro along the boardwalk in De Haan and it was incredible! Here’s a resource that lists all the bars, restaurants, and bistros along the coast.

Have you been to the northern coast of Belgium? What did you think? (Alternatively, are there any other introverts out there? 🙋‍♀️)