Birthday Book Drive (+ Giveaway!)

It’s my birthday! And I figure, instead of weighing my life down with more books, why not pay my celebration forward?

I was inspired by Traci at The Stacks podcast and @AllisonReadsDC to pay my birthday forward to help the communities I’ve been reading so much about. In this case, my focus is on America’s incarcerated populations.

I’m holding a book drive and fundraiser for the following two organizations:
LGBT Books to Prisoners
and the
Women’s Prison Book Project

These two projects, with other volunteer organizations throughout the U.S., work to provide educational, vocational, as well as developmental resources to people in prison. Like me, they believe books are crucial to stimulating positive change and individual empowerment.

Due to strict regulations preventing individuals to send books directly to prisons and the increasing cuts to educational programs within prison systems, these organizations strive to serve those with little to no access to books.

There are three ways to donate:

1. Order a book via their online wish lists that sends them directly to the organization. Here is the wish list for the Women’s Prison Book Project at Powell’s and here’s an Amazon wish list for LGBT Books to Prisoners.

2. Donate to my Facebook fundraiser, which I will divide between the two organizations. The money will largely go towards purchasing packaging supplies and the hundreds of dollars a month both organizations spend on postage.

3. Donate gently-used or new books (especially dictionaries and new paperbacks). Check out their requests and guidelines here (LGBT Books to Prisoners) and here (Women’s Prison Book Project).


For an incentive, I’m making this into a small giveaway. Everyone who donates in one of those ways will be entered to a giveaway for one spectacular, love-filled and handmade German care package (not to brag, but my snail mail game is golden) OR an additional donation in your name from yours truly. 

To enter:

Donate via one of those above methods and send me proof of your receipt (a screenshot will do!) either in my DMs on Instagram or at (If you donate via Facebook, I will automatically enter you).

For bonus entries (to get more eyes on this book drive!):

(each of these counts as one additional entry!)

The book drive will close on May 23. I’ll pick a winner by May 25.

Even if we have five books donated I will consider this a success (but like, how special would 26 books be for my 26th birthday?!). Thanks for making my birthday special, y’all. ❤️