Criss-Cross Applesauce Architecture Appreciation Post

One of the most identifiable aspects of a German town (other than an Aldi and Lidl facing off on a nearby street corner (#TeamLidl)) are the quaint, cottage-like buildings in the older parts of town.

Formally known as timber framing, this architectural style is a traditional way of building structures with heavy wood materials. Up until the 19th century, having a semi-timbered framing (with decorative gaps between the beams) was a popular style in Germany and bordering areas. Here are some of my favorite editions of what I lovingly refer to as criss-cross applesauce architecture.

Here are some of my favorite editions:

Hirschhorn in the Odenwald, Germany
Michelstadt, Germany
Strasbourg, France
Ladenburg, Germany
Merklingen (Weil der Stadt), Germany
Weil der Stadt, Germany
Hirschhorn, Odenwald, Germany
Ladenburg, Germany
Alpirsbach, Germany
Seckenheim (Mannheim), Germany