Photos that Strangers Took of Us

I gave this woman my Nikon camera and she asked “the LED screen isn’t working?” and shot this blindly. (Bigar Cascade Falls, Romania)

If anything is an accurate marker of how traveling has changed over the last decade, it is the rise—or rather, crowds—of tourists standing with their backs to a beautiful view, landmark, or artwork, squished together with their arms (real or mechanical) outstretched before them, attempting to encapsulate their memories into a singular, often torturous selfie.

As technology improves and the prices of phones and cameras increase, it seems more travelers are leaning on their self-portrait technology instead on their trust in strangers. But you should really give it a go.

You’ll be more likely to get a decent photo with a less strenuous view. You’ll get to see yourself from someone’s perspective. Even if it’s another family or young couple taking photos nearby, find someone you can trust to get that additional angle.

The result may not always be pretty, but even if it’s not, it’ll be a fantastic memory.

Here are some photos that strangers have taken of us:

This came out pretty great! (Budapest, Hungary)
Now how would we have gotten this in a selfie? (Paris, France)
Got that full Pantheon view! (Rome, Italy)
We came across this guy while he was climbing garden walls with his DSLR camera and he changed all my Nikon’s settings for this photo. (Verona, Italy)
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Lighting, lighting, lighting. (Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, NY, USA)
Bad Hindelang, Bavaria, Germany
This photographer decided to make it look like a selfie. (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Venice, Italy
This is my all time favorite. What’s better is that he took four of these and looked at them like, “yeah, I killed it.” (Edinburgh, Scotland)