6 Things To Do in Luxembourg City

Nestled between France, Belgium, and Germany, Luxembourg is known for it’s wineries, wealthy economy, and medieval old town. At 2,586 km² (roughly the size of Rhode Island in the U.S.), Luxembourg is the seventh smallest country in the world. The sheer size of the country makes it an easy destination to add to your Europe itinerary. You could spend an afternoon or a whole week there and not run out of things to see!

Here are our top six recommendations of things to do in Luxembourg City:

Get lost in the underground tunnels of the Casemates du Bock.

Get Lost in the Casemates du Bock

Underneath the city are seventeen kilometers of tunnels built into the rock and used for military operations since 1644. Today, portions of the Casemates du Bock are open to the public. We recommend getting lost inside the winding passageways and taking in the views of the St. Jean du Grund church and the surrounding city. Full entrance price is 7€, students and kids have reduced prices.

A collection of 1920’s work protection posters at the Luxembourg City Museum.

Find 1000 Years of History at the City Museum

The Luxembourg City Museum was built in 1996 and shares over a thousand years of Luxembourgish history. We’ve gone here twice because it is that neat. The exhibits include artifacts, city replicas, artwork, and cultural facts in an easy, digestible way. Not only that, but the architecture is gorgeous. There is an elevator that is bigger than my bedroom. Adult tickets are 5€ and almost all other visitors can enter for free.

Watch the Palace Guards

Around the corner from the City Museum is the Grand Ducal Palace which—true to the name—is the residence of the Grand Duke. During the summer, you can take a guided tour, but you can also observe the guards year-round outside the entrance.

Walking paths beneath the city’s cliffs lead you through beautiful parks and past the St. Jean du Grund church.

Wander Around the Historical Old Town

One of the best things to do in Luxembourg City is completely free. The Old Quarters make up a UNESCO heritage site that you can explore by foot. Try finding the Passage du Palais along one of the alleyways, it’s magical.

Enter the Notre Dame Cathedral

Another free thing to do is visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is an example of late Gothic architecture. Also, the cathedral’s crypt is the final resting place for the Grand Dukes and Duchesses of Luxembourg and others.

Eat & Drink at Urban

We go here every time we’re in town! Urban is a bar and restaurant near the center of the city. They have decent prices (for Luxembourg) and they offer a variety of local ales, including their own pilsner. This is a great place to grab lunch, a drink, or a light snack (the loaded fries are 💯) but it will always be a little packed, so consider reserve a table if you are traveling in a larger group.

One last thing . . . consider getting the Luxembourg Card

If you only do these six things, you won’t need it (the combined price for the museum and the Casemates is the same as the card), but depending on your interests, the card grants you entrance to art and history attractions throughout the city and country. For a full list of attractions, click here.