Welcome to Booked Club! I’m Chelsea, a native Ohioan and reader currently living abroad in Germany with my German wife, Lisa.

We’re real people with real budgets and a real desire to travel and learn. So far we’ve managed to visit 20+ countrieswe want to help you get there too.

We believe in balanced travel that expands beyond the pages of a travel guide to get the most of your time abroad, whether you only have a day or months to explore. We also believe in the power of literature that opens doors to better understand and explore other cultures and communities (especially from the comfort of our couch as we count down the days to our next trip!).

I created Booked Club to share our travel insights and stories to inspire memorable, meaningful experiences and promote cultural exchange filled with purpose and authenticity.  Travel should be accessible to everyone, no matter your location or budget. Whether it’s a trip to a neighboring town or across an ocean, adventure is out there!collage-1.jpg

But who are you, really?

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